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Weekly Pool Service for Brandon FL – Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

best pool maintenance and repairs in brandon flSplash Splash Pool Service provides weekly pool cleaning & water testing services for homeowners in Brandon FL, including the communities of Bloomingdale FL, Providence FL, Progress Village FL, Palm River FL, Orient Park FL, and Mango FL.

The professional pool techs of Splash Splash Pool Service spend countless hours each week cleaning and caring for swimming pools around the area. Traveling up and down Interstate 75, across Brandon Blvd, Lumsden Rd, and Windhorst Rd, and through the small towns that make up Brandon FL, our experts travel daily to provide impeccable pool cleaning & pool maintenance services in Hillsborough County.

Whether you are a busy homeowner with little free time to waste on pool upkeep or a dedicated pool enthusiast who just wants help with weekly maintenance tasks, Splash Splash has you covered.  We will keep your pool safe, inviting, and free of harmful bacteria that could affect your health and the beauty of your swimming pool.

Weekly Pool Cleaning for Homes in Brandon FL

Pools should present a clean, pristine appearance every day of the year.  Regular pool cleaning is the way to accomplish this. Without regular cleaning and upkeep, proper chemical levels, and equipment maintenance, swimming pools can become cloudy, unwelcoming, or even unhealthy to use.  Our pool care pros understand the intricate needs of your pool.  When we visit, we cover all the bases, from a thorough net-cleaning to adding the correct volume of chemicals to the water to keep it clean and healthy.

Water Testing

The quality of the water in your swimming pool can be affected by humidity, evaporation, rain & storm activity, along with regular use by humans and pets. When providing weekly pool services, Our Brandon FL area pool technician will test a small sample of pool water for its acidity, alkalinity, and calcium levels. Depending on the levels recorded, we will add chemicals to perfectly restore balance to the chemistry of your pool water.  This will ensure the comfort and safety of swimmers who get to enjoy your pool.

Brandon FL pool maintenance and pool cleaningDebris Removal / Vacuuming

One of the most important aspects of keeping a swimming pool crystal clear is removing debris that has fallen or made its way in to the water. Clean water starts with the pool pump.  This system is the first line of defense for clear water, and our pool technicians will ensure that the pool pump is functioning properly and that the drain, skimmer and filter is emptied of any debris that has collected. Any leaves, twigs, bugs, or dirt that has made its way into the pool and has not been caught by the pool pump & filter will be manually vacuumed and skimmed out.

Homeowners trust Splash Splash Pool Service in Brandon FL and the surrounding areas in Hillsborough County for weekly pool services to help them save time and gain peace of mind that their pools are taken care of by true, dedicated experts. We’re licensed and insured, and all of our pool cleaning specialists undergo a thorough background screening and understand that we are a 100% drug-free company.