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Seffner FL Pool Service – Pool Cleaning – Pool Maintenance

professional pool cleaning and maintenance in seffner fl

Splash Splash Pool Service offers a full menu of pool cleaning, maintenance and repair services to pool owners throughout the Seffner FL, area including residents of Kennedy Hill FL, Mango FL, Orient Park FL, Dover FL, Turkey Creek FL, Sydney FL, and other local communities.

green pool cleaning in seffner flThere’s nothing like jumping into a cool pool during the hot summer or a heated pool during the cool winter.  Every time our customers use their pools, they expect the very best in cleanliness, safety and luxury.  They count on Splash Splash Pool Service, based in Brandon FL, to deliver just that.

Pool cleaning

When our pool service technicians service your pool, you get a top-to-bottom job performed by specialists in the pool service field.  Our commitment is to leave you with a pool free of visible and invisible debris and contaminants and one that’s safe to use and beautiful to look at.

Pool cleaning starts with using a net and other equipment to remove debris such as leaves, twigs, paper wrappers and other items both on and in the water that mar the appearance of your pool.  We’ll also thoroughly scrub any residue off the pool tiles and sides of the pool.  These pool service activities are important to allow the filtration system, skimmer baskets and pump to work efficiently.

We then move onto treating the water with the right balance of chemicals to prevent algae, bacteria and other potentially hazardous substances from growing and spreading in the water.  When we’re finished, the water’s pH and alkalinity levels are perfectly balanced, ensuring a safe and comfortable swimming environment.

Why do you need a pool cleaning professional?

The pool cleaning pros at Splash Splash Pool Service are here to provide comprehensive pool care that covers all aspects of cleaning, inspection and maintenance.  Any time you see our service trucks on nearby I-75, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., or E. Broadway Road, you know they’re heading to another service call, ready to satisfy another customer.

You might be wondering if you can clean your own pool and save a little money.  It’s certainly possible to accomplish this, but it requires knowing which pool chemicals to have on hand, purchasing the necessary equipment, understanding how to properly balance various water levels and being able to inspect all pool components for wear and damage.

It also requires time, a commodity that many people never feel they have enough of.  Pool cleaning isn’t a quick and easy job, and that’s why more and more Florida pool owners use a professional pool service to take care of their pools.

expert pool service in seffner flMore than just pool cleaning

In addition to cleaning the pool water and the pool’s components, our technicians also are experts in inspection, parts replacement and repair, annual pool tune-ups, and troubleshooting the many issues that can arise with the operation of a swimming pool.  We’re ready to handle algae problems, excess water foam, leaks of all sizes, structural damage and much more.

If it’s time for the very best in pool cleaning and comprehensive pool service throughout the Seffner FL, area, call Splash Splash Pool Service at (813) 526-0433.  We’ll keep your pool in top shape all year long.