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Pool Stain Removal – Tampa Pool Service – Valrico FL

How professional pool service can restore the beauty of your pool

removing pool stains in seffner flFew things can affect the appearance of a swimming pool like stains on the pool’s walls and floor.  Stains can be various colors – pink-red, green-brown, green-brown-red, black-purple-brown and other odd shades that look like a kindergarten finger-painting project.  Unfortunately, pool cleaning where staining is concerned isn’t always easy for the homeowner.  Fortunately, it’s part of the services offered at Splash Splash Pool Service. We are able to remove 90 to 95% of all pool stains and vastly improve the appearance of most any staining problems.

Why are there stains in my pool?

It seems to defy logic, but there are many things, both organic and inorganic, that can cause underwater staining.  Possibilities include:

  • Copper, manganese and iron from well water or water pipes
  • Chemical imbalances in the water
  • Mineral deposits
  • Leaves and fruit from nearby trees
  • Algae
  • Rust from a pool ladder

Different types of pool stains require different processes to remove.  After determining what kind of staining your pool has, a pool cleaning technician can get to work using the right solutions and tools to remove the stain.

One of the more common stains pool service professionals encounter is a blue-green stain that is the result of an imbalance of chemicals in the pool water.  In the majority of cases this happens when pool owners maintain their own pools without sufficient knowledge of how much and how often chemicals need to be added to the pool.

Are pool stains harmful?

Some staining agents can be harmful to your pool’s structure if they’re allowed to remain.  This is a particular problem with organic stain-causers such as dead animals, worms, berries and leaves.  When these things sink to the bottom of a pool, they can quickly begin eroding the material of the pool floor.

Algae is an example of a stain-producer that not only can harm the pool structure but also can spread through the water and create mass discoloration.  Other staining agents also are capable of moving into the water and, consequently, onto the bodies of swimmers.  Skin won’t stain like concrete, but nobody wants to swim with these substances infiltrating the water.

Regular pool service and pool cleaning solves the problem

weekly pool service in the east tampa areaRegardless what kind of stains your pool might be susceptible to, the solution is weekly pool service performed by our pool cleaning experts.  We know how to create and maintain the right chemical balance in your pool that will aid in keeping the water clean, stain-free and healthy all year long.  And we have the hands-on experience needed to remove any stain that currently exists.

We provide weekly pool service and cleaning, inspections, maintenance and repair work for customers throughout Brandon FL, Riverview FL, Valrico FL, Seffner FL, the East Tampa area of Hillsborough County and other local Florida communities.  Pool owners have trusted Splash Splash Pool Service since 2008 to deliver pool care with results that are truly amazing.

If you have ugly stains on your pool, we’re happy to meet with you and determine what’s causing the stains and begin the stain-removal process right there on the spot.  We’ll also tell you about all that’s included in our weekly pool service appointments, which will ensure that your pool is beautiful and safe to use every time someone jumps in it.  Reach us at (813) 526-0433.