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Eco Friendly Pools – Pool Repairs & Maintenance – Brandon FL

Advice from pool service pros on making your pool good for the environment

eco-friendly heating pool pump in seffner flA lot of people today care about how we’re treating the environment and want to do as little as possible to cause it harm.  How you operate your pool can have an effect – either good or bad – on our ecosystem.  The pool cleaning experts at Splash Splash Pool Service of Brandon, Florida, would like to share some tips for making your pool more eco-friendly.

Pool service tip #1: Go with a heat pump pool heater

We install heat pumps that can provide warm waters year round for our Tampa area customers. These “heaters” don’t actually create heat within a pool.  Instead, they grab available heat and circulate it efficiently throughout the water.  Ideal when air temperatures are 45 degrees or higher (as they are most of the year in this part of Florida), heat pump pool heaters cost significantly less to run than standard gas pool heaters and involve no fossil fuels in their use.

Our pool service technicians can install a great new eco-friendly pool heater in whatever shape and size of pool you may have.  You’ll enjoy the warm water you love and know that you’re doing a little something to be good to the environment.

Pool service tip #2: Get a new variable-speed pool pump

Old single-speed pumps use huge amounts of energy to do their job.  By switching to a highly efficient variable-speed pool pump, you’ll augment pool cleaning activities with a unit that’s heavy-duty, amazingly quiet and much less of a drain on your home’s energy system – and your bank account.

We can install a variable-speed pump that includes the safety feature of a vacuum release any time an object or a person is sucked against the pool drain.  When our pool cleaning techs add one of these pumps to your pool, you get safety, efficiency and significant savings on utility bills.

valrico fl pool cover installation from expert pool cleanersPool service tip #3: Conserve water

On average, pools lose about two inches of water per week due to evaporation.  It’s important to keep your pool’s water at the optimal level, so you add more water.  During a year, you might add 100 inches, or eight feet.  That’s a lot of water – especially when most of all that adding is unnecessary.

By installing a good-quality pool cover, you’ll conserve up to 95 percent of that eight feet worth of water each year.  If water-conservation is high on your list of eco-friendly practices, a pool cover is a good move.

These are some steps you can take toward a more environmentally friendly pool.  When it comes to steps toward a more beautiful, healthy and enjoyable pool, count on Splash Splash Pool Service to deliver the very best in pool cleaning, maintenance, repair and inspection all year round.  Learn more by calling (813) 526-0433.