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FAQs From Your Brandon Pool Service Pros

best pool service in brandon and valrico flHelpful answers to common pool service questions

Q: Is there a way to know for sure if my pool is leaking?

A: You can perform a simple test recommended by pool service professionals.  Keep in mind that an inch to an inch and a half of pool water naturally evaporates from your pool each week.  Also, this test can only be accurately performed when there is no rain.

Place a household bucket on the first step of the pool that is covered by at least three or four inches of water.  Shut off the pool pump to still the water, then fill the bucket with water to match the pool water line outside of it.  Use a permanent marker to mark the water levels on the inside and outside of the bucket.

Turn the pump back on.  Wait 24 to 48 hours, shut off the pump and then check the water levels.  If the water level in the pool is lower than the level inside the bucket, there likely is a pool leak.

Q: What can I do about the scum residue on my pool tiles?

A: The scum you see is the natural result of oils, dirt and other waste floating in the pool water.  Use a non-abrasive brush and maybe a small dab of liquid detergent to easily scrub away the scum.

Q: There is some white haze on my pool tiles.  What is this stuff?

A: The buildup you’re seeing is called efflorescence, and it is naturally caused by the tile grout – not by chemicals in the pool water.  Ask your pool cleaning technician about products specially designed to remove the haze.

Q: Is it true that pools should be brushed regularly?

A: Yes, because various things like dirt, pollen and algae build up in the crevices of a pool.  A good brushing removes these substances and sends them into the water.  Your pool filter can then permanently remove the residues you’ve dislodged.

Q: Will upgrading my pool equipment save me money?

A: Absolutely.  Old pool equipment, particularly single-speed pumps, will drive up your energy bills.  New variable-speed pumps that comply with Florida energy standards will bring you a significant savings.

Q: What is a salt water pool system, and how does it work?

A: Salt water pool systems make a continuous stream of chlorine out of salt.  The result is water that is more comfortable to swimmers.  Commonly known as “salt chlorinators,” these systems don’t eliminate chlorine but just bring it into the pool by a different method.

brandon fl professional pool cleaning and repairsQ: Is a professional pool service better for my pool than me doing the pool cleaning myself?

A: Yes, for several reasons.  Pool service professionals understand how to achieve the right chemical balance in the water to prevent harmful bacteria from growing and spreading.  These technicians also perform regular inspections of all pool components and the pool structure itself to spot problems early before they turn into expensive catastrophes.  Additionally, pool cleaning experts have the specific tools, equipment and training to clean your pool correctly, making it healthy and beautiful all year long.

Splash Splash Pool Service performs weekly pool service and pool cleaning for customers throughout Tampa FL, Riverview FL, Valrico FL, Seffner FL and Hillsborough County.  We have the training and hands-on experience to manage every aspect of cleaning, repairs, maintenance and replacement work.  Get on the road to an immaculate pool by calling (813) 526-0433.