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Pool Care 101 – Pool Service & Cleaning in Tampa Area

What pool service pros know about taking care of your swimming pool

pool service and equipment in tampa flWhen you watch a pool service technician performing pool cleaning tasks, you might get the idea that it’s all fun in the sun and a nice way to spend an afternoon poolside.  But look more closely, and you’ll realize that pool service involves many steps that must be performed correctly to ensure that your pool is clean and safe to use.

Splash Splash Pool Service performs thorough, regular pool cleaning for customers in Brandon FL, Riverview FL, Valrico FL, Seffner FL, and the East Tampa area of Hillsborough County.  We always recommend that pool service be handled by experienced professionals, but for you do-it-yourselfers, here’s a primer for Pool Care 101.

Pool cleaning equipment/supplies you’ll need

To properly clean and service your pool, you’ll need some supplies that are available at most pool service retailers.

  • An adjustable pole with attached net for skimming leaves and other debris.
  • A special brush for cleaning tile, the sides of the pool, steps, ladders and railings.
  • A pool vacuum – either robotic or manual, for cleaning the bottom of the pool.
  • Pool chemicals.  Your pool cleaning retailer can tell you specifically which ones you need.
  • Various tools and parts that your local pool shop can provide.

Pool service tasks

Like with any other kind of maintenance, pool service requires the regular performance of activities to ensure a clean, healthy pool.  Here are some common pool service tasks.

  • Inspect the pool filter weekly; clean or replace as necessary.
  • Perform weekly checks for pH, alkalinity and chlorine levels in the water; adjust as necessary.  A good pool store will be able to sell you the equipment you’ll need for this task.
  • Keep debris out of the water by using your net to skim the pool on a weekly basis, or more frequently if necessary.
  • Thoroughly brush the steps, ladder and pool sides weekly.
  • Clean out the pool skimmer basket.  You can shake some of it out, but you may need a hose to get all of it.  Handle the basket with care to avoid chipping it.
  • Keep the water at the correct level.  You’ll know it’s time to add more water when the water level falls below the level of the skimmer.  If you’re losing more water than you believe you should, have a pool service technician inspect for pool leaks.
  • Vacuum the floor of the pool each week to remove small particles of dirt that can cause various pool parts to operate inefficiently.

professional pool cleaning in riverview flAs you can see, pool cleaning and maintenance is an involved process, but it’s not something that’s impossible for pool owners to accomplish on their own.  Probably the biggest reason the majority of homeowners turn their pool service tasks over to us is because they have other, better ways to spend their time.  When Splash Splash Pool Service manages the cleaning of your pool, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the water.

If it’s time to have professionals clean your pool, we’re a phone call away at (813) 526-0433.  We guarantee our work and your satisfaction.