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Pool Service From Expert Pool Cleaners – Brandon / Tampa FL

cleaning pool in seffner flKeep every element of your pool running properly with this important pool service

When you look at your pool, you see a serene body of crystal clear water ready-made for fun in the sun or nighttime frolics.  But look deeper, and you’ll realize that a lot of parts and components work together to make your pool the wonderful recreation center you’ve come to know and love.  A pool is only as good as its “weakest link,” so for this reason planned pool tune-ups are a very important piece of comprehensive pool service.

Splash Splash Pool Service recommends an annual pool tune-up to all of our customers in Tampa, FL, Riverview FL, Valrico FL, Seffner FL and all of Hillsborough County.  This maintenance work along with weekly pool cleaning ensures an awesome pool experience year-round.

We can also add Pool Railings adjacent to your pool steps to help with entering and exiting the pool.

Why do I need a pool tune-up?

The four most important reasons are:

1. To make sure every piece of your pool system is in proper working order and doing its job all day every day

2. To extend the life of materials, equipment and finishes

3. To keep energy usage and pool operating costs as low as possible

4. To protect the important investment that is your pool

What all is included in a pool service tune-up?

When our technicians arrive at your home for an annual pool tune-up, you can be assured we’ll cover all bases to accomplish everything listed in numbers 1 through 4 above.  Here are some of the things included in our pool service tune-ups.

  • Adjust water chemistry balances to their proper levels
  • Closely inspect the deck, pool tiles and pool finish
  • Thorough leak inspection of accessible sections of PVC plumbing
  • Check the threading of fittings at the pool equipment pad
  • Lubricate as needed all pump/filter O rings and valves
  • Ensure that pump bolts are tight and secure
  • Clean or replace the filter
  • Inspect ozone generators and salt systems
  • Run tests on the operation and position of motorized valves
  • Inspect gas/electric pool heater
  • Check solar panels for leaks

riverview and valrico fl pool maintenance and pool cleaning with dirty poolIf any of these components or systems are found to be damaged or running inefficiently, we can schedule the necessary repair or replacement work.  Note that pool tune-ups do not include normal pool cleaning activities, which should be performed on a weekly basis.

There are pool cleaning and service projects that some homeowners may be able to successfully accomplish on their own.  However, a comprehensive pool tune-up involves the inspection and understanding of many complicated components within a pool system and should only be performed by trained pool service professionals.

Is it time for your pool to have a top-to-bottom tune-up?  Splash Splash Pool Service technicians are standing by to provide expert workmanship and advice for all your swimming pool needs from tune-ups and pool cleaning to parts replacement and scheduled maintenance.  Call us with questions or to schedule an appointment at (813) 526-0433.