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Install Pool Railing Near Pool Steps For Safety

Serving Brandon FL, Valrico FL, Riverview FL & Seffner FL we offer a selection of stylish pool and spa railings that are long lasting, strong and durable. Adding a pool railing near pool steps is a very popular improvement that will add value and safety to your pool area.

pool railing installed in brandon flPool owners all know the importance of safety around the pool for people of all ages. Pool ladders are common in the deeper end of the pool, but many times in the shallow end the pool steps can be an area where our railings can add a secure anchor to grasp when entering or exiting the pool.

Surprisingly many pool steps do not have these helpful pool railings. Not a problem for Splash Splash Pool Service, since we can add our stainless steel pool railings to just about any pool. Since the mounting is done on the pool deck this will not effect the function of the pool in any way. The railing is designed in a way to extend over the water in the area of the steps and provide a strong point of balance when walking up or down the steps.

add pool railing to pool steps in valricoStainless steel handrail comes in various sizes, and are typically mounted adjacent to the steps to help exiting and entering the pool. This is a safety feature can be easily added by our technicians if your pool is missing this important safety feature. When we have added the new pool rail it will look like it was designed and installed with the pool. 

We will drill down 4 to 6 inches into the pool decking with a core pneumatic saw creating a place to anchor both ends of the pool railing. Then a hydraulic cement is filled into the small opening that will expand and harden. This fastens the pool railing securely into the pool deck. Chrome cover plates finish off the look of the installation perfectly. 

Anchoring into the pool decking securely provides a strong hand rail that will last. The railing is designed to extend over the steps providing a point to hold on to while climbing the steps in or out of the pool. This is a safety feature that helps our young pool fans as well as giving older swimmers a supporting railing to stay balanced when going in or out of the pool.

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