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Count on professional pool service experts to do the job right

professional pouring chlorine in dirty pool in seffner flAlgae in a swimming pool is no laughing matter.  Not only is it unsightly, it can be potentially dangerous to swimmers.  Dealing with pool algae is a challenge, because there is a natural substance that creates the perfect environment for algae to grow and spread, and your pool has plenty of it.  That substance is water.  Here’s some information on algae from your pool cleaning experts at Splash Splash Pool Service of Brandon, Florida.

What is this stuff taking over my pool?

Algae is a living organism.  As such, its job is to be fruitful and multiply, which it does with amazing efficiency.  It can be green (most common), bluish-green, brown, red or yellow.  When spread throughout a pool, algae makes surfaces slippery and therefore dangerous.  More cause for concern is the fact that algae can harbor E-coli and other dangerous pathogens.

Along with water, algae loves the sun.  Florida is known as “The Sunshine State,” so it’s no surprise that algae considers swimming pools here the perfect place to thrive and grow.  Often introduced to a pool as airborne spores, algae feeds off various “nutrients” in pool water like urine and perspiration.  Algae is the ultimate squatter, with your pool as its home – and professional pool service and pool cleaning is the ultimate enemy of this fast-growing substance.

What pool cleaning pros know

Splash Splash Pool Service deals with algae issues regularly in our customers’ pools throughout Riverview FL, Valrico FL, Seffner FL, and the East Tampa area of Hillsborough County.  We understand algae and can help you get it under control.

While algae thrives on sunlight and water, there are certain pool conditions that increase the odds of an algae outbreak:

  • A chemical imbalance in the water.  This can be because chemicals were added improperly or because of excess rain that has diluted the chemical concentration.
  • Nitrates or carbon dioxide in the water.
  • Inefficient water circulation, often caused by a faulty pump or the wrong kind of pump.
  • A compromised filtration system.
  • Overall lack of correct pool sanitation practices.

Addressing the algae issue

brandon fl installing chlorine tablets in pool

It’s not hard to determine that you have algae in your pool.  Light-green, dark-green, black-green or other water discoloration indicates the algae level in the pool.  A common method for ridding a pool of algae is called “shocking.”  This process involves introducing a specific amount of chlorine or non-chlorine chemicals to the water, which creates the perfect environment to kill algae as well as bacteria and other substances.

Our pool service technicians can perform this routine on your pool and employ various cleaning strategies to restore your pool water to its original brilliance.  Once the algae is cleared away, we recommend weekly pool service in order to maintain the best water environment to prevent further infestations.

Algae is a part of our world, and we’ll never fully eradicate it.  But with professional pool service including regular pool cleaning, inspection and maintenance, you’ll be doing the right things to keep this stuff out of your beautiful pool.  Call Splash Splash Pool Service today at (813) 526-0433  to get a handle on pool algae.