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Weekly Pool Cleaning & Service in Tampa & Brandon

professional pool service and cleaning in brandon flThe best way to ensure year-round enjoyment of your beautiful pool

Just about the only thing that can mar the joy of owning a luxurious pool is the debris and bacteria buildup that is sure to happen if regular pool service isn’t a top priority.  Professional service includes many important tasks, all geared to providing you with a clean and safe water environment.

The image many people have of pool cleaning is a person walking around the perimeter and scooping twigs and leaves out of the water with a net.  That’s a critical part of a thorough cleaning, but it’s hardly all of it.  When Splash Splash Pool Service maintains your pool, our technicians cover all the bases.

What happens during a weekly professional pool cleaning?

  • The water is tested and analyzed for chemical composition
  • Necessary chemicals are added to the water to create the proper balance
  • Sanitizing compounds may be added if needed
  • Inspection and adjustment of the automation/salt system
  • Thorough cleaning of the filtration system, pump and skimmer baskets
  • Cleaning of all tiles around the pool
  • Complete vacuuming
  • Restoration of the correct water level by adding or draining water

These and other weekly pool service tasks are necessary to produce a pool that is always clean and safe for people to enjoy.

3 good reasons to hire a professional pool cleaner

Splash Splash Pool Service makes regular visits to our customers’ homes in Brandon, Riverview, Valrico, Seffne and the East Tampa area of Hillsborough County.  Why are we hired for comprehensive pool cleaning rather than the homeowners just doing it themselves?  Here are some of the reasons.

1. Time

As our lives get busier, time becomes more precious than ever.  Most people today would rather simply enjoy their pool than spend valuable time learning the right way to clean it and then performing the work every week.

2. Experience

The average homeowner doesn’t have the knowledge (as noted above) or the tools or equipment to properly service their pools.  In the same way they turn their vehicles over to a professional mechanic for repair, they trust experienced pool cleaners to make their pool safe and beautiful.

3. Peace of mind

While most people don’t understand all the ins and outs of pool service and cleaning, they do understand that bacteria and other contagions can grow in any body of standing water.  By having their pools expertly cleaned and maintained, pool owners can relax and take advantage of their lovely pools without the worry of coming into contact with potentially harmful agents.

seffner fl pool maintenance and pool cleaningWhat you get when you hire us as your pool cleaner

The service personnel at Splash Splash Pool Service are more than just people who come out every week to clean your pool.  We’re committed professionals who take every aspect of every job very seriously.  We’re licensed and insured, and all of our pool cleaning specialists undergo a thorough background screening and understand that we are a 100% drug-free company.

Find out how good life can be with an immaculate pool at your disposal every day of the year.  If you have questions about pool service, or if you’d like to schedule your first appointment, you can always reach us at (813) 526-0433.