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Valrico FL Pool Cleaning – Pool Service – Pool Maintenance

valrico fl pool service and maintenance for pool pumps and pools

Splash Splash Pool Service cares for beautiful pools in Valrico FL, and the surrounding communities of Mango FL, Sydney FL, Hopewell FL, Durant FL, Bloomingdale FL, and Providence FL.  We’re based in nearby Brandon FL.

pool experts cleaning pool in valrico flA swimming pool is an investment, and as such it should provide a return.  When the pool cleaning pros at Splash Splash Pool Service take care of your pool, the return is safe, healthy, crystal-clear water and operation at the highest level of efficiency.

The importance of pool cleaning

When water is left alone and never cared for, bad things can happen.  The baddest among them is the spread of dangerous bacteria and other harmful pathogens.  It doesn’t take long for bacteria – and algae, another common problem pool service technicians are called upon to help manage – to develop in a body of water, making the environment unsafe for swimmers.

Pool cleaning, then, is looked at from two angles:

  • Removing debris like leaves, twigs, branches, errant paper wrappers and the occasional dead animal from the pool water
  • Treating the water chemically to achieve the proper balance to kill and prevent invisible contaminants and maintain the water’s optimal pH and alkalinity levels

The pool cleaning technicians at Splash Splash Pool Service take your entire pool into account when performing weekly cleaning activities.  Along with removing debris and sanitizing the water, we scrub down the tile and sides of the pool and closely inspect the filter, pump, skimmer baskets and other components to make sure they’re clean and working correctly.

Is it necessary to hire a pool service company?

This is a common question, especially from homeowners who are experiencing a pool for the first time.  When you see our service trucks rolling along I-75, W. Brandon Blvd., or Valrico Road, you know we’re visiting another customer who has opted for professional pool cleaning instead of doing it themselves.

People use us as their pool service company for several reasons.  First, they want it done right with the right chemicals, equipment and know-how.  Second, they prefer to use their time in ways more productive than leaning all the techniques and buying all the tools necessary to properly service their pools.

Perhaps the biggest reason pool owners in the Valrico FL, area count on Splash Splash Pool Service is because they’re absolutely amazed at how beautiful their pools look week after week, year after year.  Nothing says class and luxury like a sparkling clean swimming pool.

blue pool cleaning professional service in valrico flBeyond pool cleaning

Along with comprehensive weekly pool cleaning, we offer a full menu of other pool services from the inspection of all pool components and the pool structure, to expert repair, installation and maintenance services.  We put an end to algae outbreaks and ugly foaming water.  We repair structural cracks to avoid expensive disasters.  We make sure that all moving parts within a swimming pool are operating safely and efficiently all year long.

If you’re ready to start enjoying an immaculate pool, Splash Splash Pool Service of Brandon, Florida, is standing by to help.  Call us at (813) 526-0433 with questions or to schedule an appointment.