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Green Pool Cleaning – Tampa / Brandon / Valrico / Riverview

before and after pool cleaning algae in brandon fl
How professional pool service can restore the beauty of your pool

Unlike oceans, lakes and rivers, which can have who-knows-what kinds of substances in them, swimming pools are designed to have nothing but crystal-clear water.  When pool service and cleaning is needed for pools with ugly green or black water, count on Splash Splash Pool Service of Brandon FL to solve the problem quickly.

Many times homes may have been unoccupied for many months or years when they are listed for sale. If the pool maintenance is not done during this time a real mess can result for the new buyer. But don’t worry Splash Splash Pool Service cleans up the worst of the worst, turning those ugly pools into clean, ready-to-swim pools.

pool maintenance on green pool in seffner fl

Why is my pool water green?

Looking outside and seeing that your pool water is turning green can be a little scary, but don’t worry – you’re not on the set of a Stephen King movie.  Rather, you have an algae problem, which is fairly easy for a pool service professional to fix.

Water and algae go hand in hand.  If left untreated, water will serve as a perfect environment for algae growth.  Fortunately, algae can be cleaned up, and it can be prevented with regularly scheduled pool service.  We perform weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services for customers throughout Tampa FL, Riverview FL, Valrico FL, Seffner FL, and the East Tampa area of Hillsborough County.

How does algae get into a pool?

Algae is a living organism, and there are many different types.  For example, giant kelp and seaweed are classified as algae.  The green algae in a pool begins its life as small spores, which can be transported in rain, wind, dirt and even on swimmers’ bodies and their swimwear.  While algae types differ, all of them are photosynthetic, meaning they convert light energy (sun) into chemical energy that provides the fuel for life.

Algae spores thrive in damp areas, where they easily grow and spread.  This is why you can look at your pool one day and notice only a little greening and then a week or two later the water looks like a nuclear disaster has occurred.  You can’t stop algae by wishing it would go away.  It will grow and grow until it finally completely takes over a pool.

How we clean your algae problems

algae removal with acid wash in brandon and riverview flOnce our pool service technicians kill and remove actively growing algae, we like to begin weekly pool cleaning activities that include maintaining proper pH levels in your pool’s water, achieving the optimal water chemical balance and performing thorough pool cleaning with the right equipment and solutions.  This is the only way to ensure protection against further outbreaks of algae.

Now is the time to have algae removed from your pool.  Nobody likes to swim in green water, and nobody enjoys having algae slime on their bodies and swim attire.  Splash Splash Pool Service is standing by with trained pool cleaning technicians who can rid your pool of ugly green discoloration and restore the water to its natural, beautiful luster.

For the best in algae removal and prevention and a full scope of other pool service specialties, call us at (813) 526-0433 to get the job done right the first time.