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Pool Pumps – Expert Pool Service in Tampa & Brandon FL

pool servicing pool pump in brandon fl and valrico flAn important part of your pool cleaning arsenal

Pool service professionals handle a wide range of pool cleaning, maintenance and repair tasks.  But no matter how well-equipped they are, they can’t take the place of a high-quality, high-efficiency pool pump.  Your pool pump is a critical piece of your overall pool operation.  Along with the work of your pool service technician, a good pump makes pools beautiful, fun and safe.

What is the purpose of a pool pump?

We’ll look at the various types of pool pumps shorty, but let’s first understand what these devices are and why they’re so important in excellent pool service.

Helping to keep your pool clean and sanitized is the main function of a pool pump.  Top brands such as Hayward, Pentair, Sta-Rite and others make pumps that are reliable and efficient and able to produce excellent results when coupled with scheduled visits from your pool service tech.

Pool pumps serve to keep pool water in motion, which prevents germs, bacteria and algae from growing and spreading in your pool.  They also help distribute the chemicals added to the water during pool cleaning activities.

Water motion is important, because standing water is the ideal breeding ground for many harmful substances that can lead to serious water-borne illnesses such as skin infections, eye and ear infections, dermatitis, gastroenteritis, dysentery and typhoid, to name just a few.

The differences among pool pumps

In years past, pool service companies installed mostly single-speed pumps.  These devices performed well in circulating the water, but because they ran constantly, they tended to be expensive to operate.

With energy conservation as a high priority, the State of Florida has recently created legislation mandating that all new pool pumps with one horsepower capacity or higher feature a two-speed option or have a variable speed motor.  These new pumps cost a little more out of the box than the old one-speed pumps, but they pay for themselves many times over with lower energy usage.

2-speed pool pumps

Here are some benefits of 2-speed pumps:

  • Water is turned over more efficiently, ensuring that the pool is cleaner and healthier to use.
  • The highly efficient filtering and mixing capabilities reduce the need for excessive amounts of added chemicals.
  • The cost of chemicals (normally added by a pool service tech) is reduced as is the cost of running your pump.

Variable speed pool pumps

riverview florida pool cleaning and pool pump repairAs part of your pool cleaning arsenal, variable speed pumps are hard to beat.  Benefits include:

• A noise-reduction feature brings about a quieter poolside environment.

• Variable-speed pumps are the most energy-efficient – at all speeds – among all pool pump styles.

• The motors are very heavy-duty and are built to provide top performance for many years.

• The savings on utility costs is amazing: one study found that a single-speed pool pump costs about $75 per month to operate, while a variable-speed pump can reduce that cost significantly to approximately $35 per month.

• If the pool drain becomes obstructed by an object or body part, variable-speed pumps initiate a vacuum release to free the obstruction.

Is it time to upgrade your pool pump?  Splash Splash Pool Service installs new, high-efficiency pumps in pools throughout Tampa FL, Riverview FL, Valrico FL, Seffner FL and all of Hillsborough County.  Our pool service technicians will get you up and running with a great new money-saving pump in no time at all.  Schedule an appointment, or get your questions answered at (813) 526-0433.